Bella Pizza – Cottage Grove, MN

Photo by Tim Dachtera
Photo by Tim Dachtera

While I was out scouting for some prospects for Silicon Computers, my consulting buiness, I stumbled across Bella Pizza, tucked in an aging strip mall in Cottage Grove, right next to Pizza Hut take out location. Now there may be a time and a place to frequent your local PIzza Hut, but this was not one of them. I checked out the menu ahead of time, and planned to pick up a pie last Friday when Myrtle showed up.

Bella is a small space, and only offers take-out service. Behind the counter is a standard gas oven, large enough to have a dozen pizzas going at once, and friendly staff, welcoming staff. The kid that waited on me was quite cheery and said that my wait would be about 20 minutes for my pizza and cheese bread. After looking at the menu ahead of time, we decided to order the Chicken Alfredo pizza, with bacon and onions on it. Neither of us being huge fans of onions, I asked for them to go light on the onions, and this request was easily handled. In looking around the place, I noticed a huge dough hook in the back, so I assume they make their dough on site, so I was getting eager to get my hands on our supper.

When our pizza and breadsticks were finished, the guy asked me if I wanted party of triangle cut, I opted for the party cut. This was something I had not experienced before, and was happy to have a choice! I paid just under $20.00 for the 12″ pizza and the garlic cheese bread. I did add in a small tip, just because the guy was there at 10pm on a Friday night, was in a good mood and gave me options on my pizza. I snatched up the meal, thanked him and headed home to dive into what I hoped would be a great meal. Seeing how I was unable to find much for reviews, I was really looking forward to something to write positively about.

Photo by Tim Dachtera
Photo by Tim Dachtera

I got home and opened up our supper, and saw that the cheese bread looked excellent and was waiting to dive in. 4 thick slices and marinara sauce is just about right for two people to enjoy. The cheese was amazing on the perfectly toasted bread with just the right amount of garlic dashed on. This didn’t taste like some cheap garlic salt or powder either, it was far better than I expected. We chowed thru the bread to get to the pizza that we had been waiting for.

The pizza itself, is in a plain old white box, like many other local take-out places, but that’s just fine, as it’s what is in side that matters. We opted for the 12″ pie, however they also have a 14″ and 16″ option if you have more people, or really want to stuff yourself.

Photo by Tim Dachtera
Photo by Tim Dachtera

The pizza was loaded with cheese, and I think this is the only downfall to the pizza, the cheese was a tad too greasy for my taste, but having said that, it didn’t distract me from filling my face full of the pizza. We got the chicken alfredo pizza, which was said to be a favorite, along with the bacon cheeseburger pizza, so we have something to try for next time.

Our pie had large chunks of chicken on it, amongst all the cheese. We had asked for light on the onion since neither of us are huge fans, and what was on the pizza, was sparse, and appeared to be sweet videlia onions. The alfredo sauce was light and not overpowering which was a bit bonus. Some alfredo or what pizzas I’ve had had been smothered in sauce, detracting from the rest of the slice. What amazed us both, was the bacon. I was expecting little bacon bits or something similar. NO. These were big hunks of cooked bacon that had been cut up into sizable hunks and scattered about the pizza. No skimping on the ingredients here!

Overall, I would rate the meal an A+, with the only notable downfall being the [what seemed to be] overly greasy cheese in my opinion, however, I will certainly be checking out another menu favorite and will update my post.

If you are looking for pizza on short notice, or looking for a good meal, skip the national chain next door, and check out Bella Pizza. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the meal was awesome.

Bella Pizza
8118 Hadley Ave.
Cottage Grove, MN 55016

Mon – Thu. 4:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Fri – Sat. 4:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Sun. *3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
*Open at 11:00 a.m. during football season!

5 thoughts on “Bella Pizza – Cottage Grove, MN”

  1. I discovered Bella Pizza while looking for a place that delivered and served a gluten-free pizza crust. I really appreciate a pizza place that has a gluten-free crust every day (not just Mondays and Tuesdays). It had been a long time since I had pizza…it tasted simply wonderful. Thank you Bella!

  2. I agree with all the above – excellent pizza and very friendly employees. I also appreciate that they have later hours on the weekend. It is nice to have such a yummy option when wanting a later night pizza at home with a movie! Our favorite is their Taco Pizza even though we add our own nacho chips and sour cream at home. We’ve ordered Bella’s Taco Pizza several times for visitors and everyone has loved it! Consistently delicious in flavor and generous toppings!

  3. I love there pizza too. I always wonder how they could compete with Pizza Hut. I guess it is the great taste. It reminds me of home which is New Jersey, the real ovens and the real cheese.

    There was another pizza place in that location before Bella but it was not as good. If you live in Woodbury or Hastings, it is worth the drive.

  4. Ordered again from Bella last night, as as the times before, the pizza was spot on awesome. Granted they did have a longer wait than normal due to the football game, I noticed that the Pizza Hut next door was pretty dead..

    There’s a reason, Bella completely ROCKS.

    If you live in Cottage Grove or Inver Grove Heights, ditch the big chain pie shops and place an order with Bella – I suggest, no.. demand you make this a resolution for 2010. You will not be sorry.

  5. My parents live in Cottage Grove and we live in Nebraska. Every time we visit, I insist that we get Bella’s, in fact it’s not a question anymore. We all enjoy it a lot.

    I wish we could find a similar tasting pizza here in Lincoln. I guess we’ll have to visit more often.

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